Cukup Dengan Mengisikan NAMA dan EMAIL ANDA

Inilah 7 Jenis Binatang Yang Bisa Berbicara !

#7 Goat Calls For His Mom - Losing track of your mom in public can be a traumatic experience, even for a goat.

#6 Talking Raven Thinks Highly Of Himself - Yes it's true, Ravens sound more human than any other animal on this planet.

#5 Pug Says "I Love You" - He can also say "I'm having a extremely hard time breathing through this face."

#4 Talking Elepant Speaks Korean - You'd figure the world's largest land mammals would have something to say after all these years.

#3 Talking Dog Wants His Momma - He doesn't really want his momma, he wants some Beggin' Strips ... you know, because dogs don't know it's not bacon.

#2 "Oh Don Piano" Cat - It's amazing how much this cat actually sounds like Keith Richards.

#1 Einstein The Amazing Talking Parrot - Einstein is basically the parrot version of Michael Winslow.