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Bayi Terjatuh Dari Balkon Lantai Tiga Dan Selamat [ video ] !

35ft fall lad lives

A BOY of three plunged 35 feet from a third-floor balcony and SURVIVED.

Turkish child survives dramatic three storey fall
Lucky Bayram Altinkaya landed on a pile of plastic pipes. Mum Tugba said he had been hanging over the edge of the balcony of their house - which he was allowed to do as long as she was watching him.

But this time she was in the kitchen. His fall was captured on CCTV in Adiyaman, Turkey.

Tugba said: "I ran out and saw my child on the pavement. He used to hang from the balcony but I never thought he'd fall."

Bayram was stable in hospital last night.

Watch the amazing video of Bayram's fall above.